Fighting back against the global allergy epidemic – step forward DBV-Technologies!

Not everyone is aware of the extent to which the Western world has fallen prey to a new kind of epidemic – an epidemic of allergies. Most people have heard about the problems caused by pollen, dust mites and the like, but it’s typically food allergies that pose the greatest potential dangers. Globally, up to half a billion people suffer from allergies to foodstuffs such as eggs, peanuts and cow’s milk. If you’re interested in learning more, there’s no better place to start than the DBV-Technologies website.  This company is developing amazing new technologies that will hopefully soon make anaphylactic shock, if not a thing of the past, then certainly a much rarer occurrence. The beauty of DBV-Technologies’ new approach lies in its simplicity. Its Viaskin® patch is the only solution currently being developed to take a non-invasive and therefore entirely painless approach to diagnosing and treating food allergies. This method works by delivering immunoactive compounds (antigens) directly to the immune system through the skin. This is designed to desensitize the body’s immune system to the offending proteins, building up tolerance levels over time. If you’d like to see how this works in practice on those suffering peanut allergies, click here.