DBV-Technologies have some of our most common allergies in their crosshairs – watch this space!

There have been many attempts to provide a reliable, pain-free and versatile solution to the issue of allergies. Now, a range of new products from DBV-Technologies brings hope that finally the search has ended, at least for some of the more common allergies.

The Viaskin® patch may be used to treat or diagnose peanut and cows’ milk protein allergy
Source : http://www.dbv-technologies.com

Amongst the most worrying of all allergies is milk allergy. This allergy to cows’ milk protein has generally less severe effects than some allergies, such as peanut allergy. However, it can cause a number of highly-distressing symptoms, from rashes and diarrhoea to vomiting. As this allergy affects mostly younger children and babies, there is also the added distress and worry experienced by the parents to take into account. Traditional approaches to dealing with CMPA have included milk avoidance and milk substitution. However, there may be a risk of calcium deficiency or osteoporosis when this method is used.

DBV-Technologies have therefore developed their Viaskin® patch, shown below, which is designed to build up the body’s tolerance levels to the antigen in question by introducing this antigen to the Langerhans cells (located in the upper epidermis). The company is also working on a peanut and a house dust mite version of the patch.