Grease the cogs of your website’s customer interactions with the online webform generator from FormForAll!

Forms are one of the main channels of internet communication and commerce. It’s surprising, then, that more attention isn’t paid to making sure they work as effectively as possible. is all about getting your forms to work hard for you and the people who use them. The solution’s responsive design means that no matter how people access your website, filling in a contact form will no longer be the barrier that it once was between business and prospective client. A quick look at the website of this free online web form builder will help you understand why. For a start, it’s become so much easier both to create and integrate a mail form on your website, thanks to the drag and drop approach, and to fill in forms, with the help of features like ‘Connect with Facebook/Google+’. Added security measures include Captchas and form submission with SSL browser encryption, as well as double opt-ins to help foil the intentions of malicious bots or even competitors who sign up to receive newsletters or updates and then report your emails as spam! This package is also flexible enough to be used in conjunction with several different website-building approaches. For example, both a WordPress plugin & Drupal extension are available, and there’s a new WIX app on offer too!