Does your child have a peanut allergy? You may be interested in DBV-Technologies’ latest developments….


The DBV Technologies online platform provides a wealth of detail on efforts to come up with a new way of diagnosing and then treating problem allergies such as peanut allergy. Located in the Greater Paris region, DBV-Technologies has been busy researching and developing a number of treatments, including new epicutaneous techniques which are especially suited to pediatric allergy applications. Treating children with allergies has always involved additional complications. For example, the traditional methods of drops and injections were frequently difficult to administer to very young patients.

Viaskin technicians and researchers are working to create an effective peanut allergy treatment

DBV-Technologies’ answer to these issues is the Viaskin patch. Although simple in concept and format, the Viaskin patch is the fruit of much work in the company’s high-tech labs, pictured below. The basic design works by facilitating the transfer of tiny antigen particles through the skin and into the Langerhans cells (antigen-presenting immune cells). By this means, the body can gradually learn to tolerate the allergens to which it previously had an allergic reaction of varying degrees of severity. The patch format can be adapted to different allergies, including cows’ milk and peanut.