Get yourself a first place finish on the fashion podium.

Now the synchronized swimming and the pole vault final are over, you probably just want to climb into your slippers and curl up by the television. However, when you see the Modatoi collection of women’s shoes and dresses, you may find yourself reconsidering your options.
If you think that sport and style don’t go together, set a course for the fantastic choice of shoes for the girls from This features trainers that are more about fancy footwork on the dance floor than the running track, as well as glam heels. Actually, party shoes and heels have really just gone their own way this year, straddling everything from the unexpected sight of metal studded platform heels to bold high heel lace-ups in warm autumnal colours.
In the half boot stakes there’s lots to talk about as well. The ‘skull’ theme is almost a constant, often in bejewelled form. Our selection of women’s boots are heading skywards. Over the knee styles have really grown in popularity with the hint of danger and intrigue they bring with them, perhaps a legacy of the story of the three musketeers….
This year’s selection of dresses are all about cut more than colour. What does this actually look like? Well, lots of flattering, figure hugging designs with plunging necklines for a start. Strapless dresses aplenty, pleats, lots of lace, ruffles and daring bared back looks.