Take the chill out of winter with Modatoi!

If you’re starting to come down with a case of the wintertime blues, why don’t you check out Modatoi. When those snowflakes start falling, we’ll definitely want to have something on our feet that can take the strain. The good news is that boots for the girls have our name written all over them. You could take a walk on the wild side with a fake alligator leather, leopardskin or zebra print model. If you’d like to keep up with the catwalk crowd, there’s no buts, it’s got to be buckles. Too much of a good thing doesn’t seem to apply in this case, with up to 8 buckles being crammed onto the latest boots. Some boots also take up the 70s inspired metal studded look whilst others go back further in time with an almost cowboyesque feel.
Now that your feet are sorted out, it’s time to look at the rest of you. Take Modatoi’s gorgeous dresses for instance. The flattering lines of the sweater dress are back in vogue in a range of monochrome and multi-coloured designs. In colours, black has burst onto the main stage once more, sometimes on its own, sometimes complemented by subtler shades.