Escape those winter blues for the emerald seas of the Pacific!

Now that winter’s at its deepest, darkest point, the idea of jetting off to somewhere where the snow never falls suddenly becomes very attractive. The Rangiroa Lodge, the Pension Bounty, is one such place, nestled in a coconut plantation in the heart of the South Seas. It’s the perfect place for just lazing your days away, soaking up the sun, enjoying the stunning natural setting of this Pacific atoll, which is one of the biggest in the world.

Of course, although it’s tempting to just make the most of the home from home comforts of the guesthouse, you’d definitely be missing out on some of the most spectacular sights to be seen anywhere in the natural world. There’s a whole raft of different Rangiroa diving schools that will introduce you to the art of getting up close and personal with some of the marvels of the underwater world. The seas here are literally teeming with life – more than 800 marine species have been recorded, including many types of fish, shark and manta rays. All in all, the entire Rangiroa Tahiti region is the perfect antidote to your winter blues, thanks to its gorgeous scenery, friendly people and quality tourist accommodation.