How can you get more for less when it comes to corporate communication?

More and more companies are looking at ways of optimizing their communications budget by harnessing the power of new software packages. Often this means taking a fresh look at media that has a proven track record, but which needs to be updated somewhat to take account of changing customer and consumer expectations. Flipbook ipad compatibility may not keep you awake at night, but it’s a prime example of the kind of functionality that clients expect as standard on this type of content delivery package. Webpublication’s online brochure creator is one of the new breed of flip book packages. Designed to be accessed from a whole range of devices, including Android, iPhone and iPad, content created on this package can also be embedded on your company’s website or shared through social networking sites. You’ll want to add a personal touch to all your material, so a solution that enables you to customize to your heart’s content is obviously necessary. For something like an e-brochure, presentation is key. Being able to add rich media features will make the difference between dry as dust content and more enticing material. This could include anything from hypertext links and flash animation to HD images, video and sound.