There’s no need to get in a lather over the price of leather – thanks to Lucrin!

There are few easier ways of creating an instantly stylish feel for our working or home environments than some carefully-chosen top-end leather goods. What’s more, luxury products don’t necessarily have to come with a luxury price tag…names like Lucrin show it is possible to reconcile champs élysées chic with high street value.
The very high quality of leather employed by Lucrin in its manufacturing processes means you can rest easy, knowing your purchases will last for years to come. On top of its great practicality, leather can be tailored to suit just about any taste, since it can be dyed to any colour and finished to almost any texture. Whether you prefer the traditional look of cow’s leather or would like to try something more adventurous, say, ostrich leather, they’re yours for the choosing from
The world of style may be fickle, but good workmanship never goes out of fashion, especially in men’s wallets – take a look here to see what we mean. Lucrin’s line-up of wallets encompasses lots of different design details, including cheque book holders and special euro and dollar banknote wallets.
A holder for your passport is another item where the robustness of leather makes it an ideal choice of material. Even if brown or black are hot favourites in terms of colours, everything from fuchsia to sky blue is available